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We Are Re:Build

Re:Build’s goal is to help revitalize the U.S. manufacturing base over the coming decades, creating substantial opportunities for our employees and the communities where we operate. We aim to do that by building America’s next great industrial company—growing a family of businesses that combine  cutting-edge enabling technologies and operational superiority in aerospace and defense, cleantech, health, industrial equipment, lifestyle, and mobility. Our expertise is in product innovation, advanced components, systems production, and industrial automation.

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The Re:Build Way

Imagination sparked our belief that we could rekindle industrial America. Expertise fuels our process. But it’s the Re:Build Way that is indispensable to our success. It’s a set of 16 principles that guides our decision-making every day, especially when there are tough decisions to make. 

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Brain to Box™

Reimagining Manufacturing in America

Re:Build develops and manufactures technologically advanced products from concept through production at scale here in the United States—or, as we say, we take an idea from Brain to Box™.

Specialized engineering firms often lack a manufacturing footprint, supply chain capabilities, or commercialization experience. ODMs and traditional CMs lack the front-end ability to translate market data into meaningful product concepts. Further, without scale or long-term manufacturing commitments, they are unwilling to dedicate the vital engineering capabilities (hardware, software, and process) necessary to solve challenging problems and develop technologies. Re:Build has overcome those obstacles by integrating compatible organizations, helping them thrive, and enabling customers to take their idea from Brain to Box efficiently and effectively. 

Re:Build’s Brain to Box approach has six phases. Customers either participate in all six or a plan is tailored to meet their needs.

1. Planning & Alignment

Projects are launched after consensus on objectives, strategies, and a detailed road map for the commercialization of products, services, and technologies.

2. Discovery & Concept

Ideas and insights are promptly translated into a mock-up. Detailed development requirements mitigate risk in engineering and prototyping.

3. Design & Development

Re:Build’s iterative process in engineering and design for manufacturing, which is fundamental to our lean methodology. Products are cost-effective and perform as intended.

4. Process Verification & Validation

The appropriate materials, process, and manufacturing operations are developed so you can focus on your customers and scale. Customers are confident the right product is built correctly. 

5. Product Verification & Validation

High-quality final products meet the necessary requirements for safety, reliability, and ease of use.

6. Manufacturing & Support

After a new product is brought to life, smooth delivery is facilitated by skillful supply chain management, assembly, warehousing, and distribution capabilities.

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We provide forums for team members to share their knowledge and experience and refine their mental models. Re:Build is a learning organization.

Our Businesses

Below is the list of our family of businesses. Within them, you’ll discover the vast spectrum of our capabilities. We are continuing to grow, and new names will be added as acquisitions are finalized. Please click on the logos to learn more. For locations, click here.

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Re:Build Manufacturing’s leadership is united in its purpose: build a better future over the long term for the company’s customers, employees, partners, communities, and shareholders through a new model of industrialization. The management team has an extraordinary depth and breadth of experience and hails from a variety of backgrounds.

Miles Arnone photo
Miles Arnone

Chief Executive Officer

photo of jeff wilke
Jeff Wilke


photo of Tom Warters
Tom Warters

Chief Human Resources Officer

photo of Bonnie Davis
Bonnie Davis

Chief Lean Officer

photo of Anthony Manzo
Anthony Manzo

Executive Vice President, Corporate Development

Steve Mead
Steve Mead

President, Advanced Materials Group

photo of Bruce Lawler
Bruce Lawler

President, Digital

photo of Chad Clawson
Chad Clawson

President, Engineering and Production Solutions

Bill Larkins
Bill Larkins

Chief Engineer

Shawn Williams
Shawn Williams

Battery Thesis Leader

Photo of Lucia Shannon
Lucia Shannon

Vice President, Finance

Photo of Eric Smith
Eric Smith

Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Advanced Materials Group

Photo of Kim Blair
Kim Blair, PhD

Vice President, Business Development, Engineering and Production Solutions

Photo of Mary Osso
Mary Osso

Director of Marketing

Rod Copes
Rod Copes

Executive Chairman, Project Re:Car

Chris Barman
Chris Barman

CEO, Project Re:Car

Growth for success

Thoughtful Mergers & Acquisitions

Our goal is to create the most advanced, talented, and robust team that we can to revitalize American manufacturing. Since 2021 when we began, we have acquired a handful of skilled organizations across the U.S. with capabilities that enhance our business. We truly value each organization’s skillset - from engineering, molding, branding, to production.


Become Part of Re:Build

If you think your engineering or manufacturing company could benefit from our expertise, are interested in becoming a Re:Build company, or simply want to know more about our organization, please reach out.