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The New American Industrial Revolution Is Underway in New Kensington

Manufacturing Has Found its Way Back

Welcome to Re:Build New Kensington, your premier destination for cutting-edge advanced manufacturing and precision machining solutions. Our state-of-the-art facility in the heart of Pennsylvania’s industrial landscape offers a comprehensive array of services tailored to meet the new demands of today’s manufacturing. From streamlined supply chain management to advanced machining capabilities, we’re committed to providing innovative solutions that optimize efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance overall productivity. Partner with us at Re:Build New Kensington and unlock the potential for seamless collaboration and unparalleled success in your manufacturing endeavors.

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Prime Location, Spacious Operations

Our flagship 175,000 square foot facility in the New Kensington Advanced Manufacturing Park offers agile, world-class full-scale production capability to small and large contract manufacturing customers. Located within the 1.3M square foot park, our site provides ample space for comprehensive design, engineering, and manufacturing services, with room for future expansion.

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Advanced Component Production

Re:Build Manufacturing offers comprehensive support from concept to delivery, providing innovative technology, rigorous quality assurance, and flexible solutions tailored to meet your business’s needs. We are focused on helping you grow your business.

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Robust Supply Chain

Re:Build New Kensington has access to Re:Build Manufacturing’s robust, resilient supply chain network that ensures uninterrupted operations, from the acquisition of raw materials to the manufacture and delivery of finished products. Our strategic partnerships and meticulous planning guarantee reliability and efficiency at every stage of production.

Initial Site Capabilities

Delve into the Re:Build New Kensington’s core capabilities, which are augmented by the vast resources of our member companies. Our expert-level applications-engineering and precision machining teams provide meticulously engineered parts that will boost your company’s industrial prowess. These services, the backbone of our Re:Build New Kensington operations, integrate seamlessly with the capabilities of our extended network to meet your manufacturing needs and drive tangible results.

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Precision Machining

Experience optimized production with our fully networked CNC equipment, boasting modern controls for consistent, safe, high-speed operation. Utilizing advanced tooling and work-holding strategies, including high-pressure coolant and tombstones, alongside quick-change devices and vacuum chucks, we maximize spindle utilization. Our high-end, robust equipment ensures production versatility.

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We utilize advanced technology and state-of-the-art equipment to offer versatile Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) and Metal Inert Gas (MIG) welding services. Our expertise extends to working with both small, thin materials and thicker materials, enabling us to provide parts for assemblies across various applications. With the aid of modular tables and expert tooling programs, we deliver a wide range of products and applications supported by aluminum, copper, and steel materials.

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Assembly Services

We provide comprehensive assembly and packaging solutions that meet your specific needs. We are committed to reducing your post-receipt workload by delivering fully finished, ready to use products. Every task from part marking and identification to fastener installation and assembly are completed to the proper specifications. Fully customizable packaging solutions are available to ensure your products remain protected during transit..

Expert Application Engineering for Precision Solutions

Our application engineers boast extensive experience in precision machining, fabrication, and assembly. Drawn from diverse backgrounds in aerospace, medical devices, automotive, and mold-making industries, our team enhances our proficiency in machined components. This diversity enables us to customize technology for each application. We specialize in constructing state-of-the-art robotic-controlled automated systems within Re:Build, ensuring maximum efficiency for high-volume tasks.

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We seek to improve the communities where Re:Build operates with a focus on apprentice programs and STEM education.

What Re:Build Offers You

Re:Build offers the rare opportunity to work for a company founded on 16 principles (the Re:Build Way) that uphold our core belief in the building of mutually beneficial relationships with employees, customers, and the local community. Employees receive a generous benefits package and work in a positive, supportive, collaborative environment. We invest in their growth and development, helping them achieve their full potential.

If the idea of the Re:Build Way resonates with you and you’re interested in learning more about joining the Re:Build team in New Kensington, click below to learn more about upcoming job openings. 

Our Employees’ Success is Our Success

At Re:Build, we believe that a strong benefits package is a key component of a positive and supportive work environment. By investing in our employees’ growth and development, we create a culture of excellence, collaboration, and innovation. We believe that our employees’ success is our success, and we’re committed to providing them with the support and resources they need to achieve their full potential.


Governor Josh Shapiro speaking at the Re:Build Manufacturing Announcement at Acrisure Stadium
Governor Josh Shapiro and Re:Build Manufacturing Announce $81 Million Investment

Pittsburgh, PA – Today, Governor Josh Shapiro joined leadership from Re:Build Manufacturing (Re:Build), the Regional Industrial Development Corporation (RIDC), and Pennsylvania leaders to announce an $81 million investment to create a major, innovation-focused manufacturing operation in the New Kensington Advanced Manufacturing Park that will create 300 high-quality jobs in Westmoreland County.

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Exterior rendering of the New Kensington building on a sunny day
RIDC to Build New Facility for Re:Build, Bringing 300 Jobs to New Kensington and Arnold

New Kensington – The Regional Industrial Development Corporation of Southwestern PA (RIDC) and Re:Build Manufacturing joined Governor Shapiro and County and local officials in announcing plans for Re:Build to locate a new facility at the New Kensington Advanced Manufacturing Park. 

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Inside space of the New Kensington building for Re:Build
Former Amazon Executive Wants to Bring Manufacturing Jobs Back to the U.S.

New Kensington – The city of New Kensington shares the experience of countless industrial powerhouses of the 20th century. Home to one of Alcoa’s earliest factories, it fueled the growth of the nation’s aluminum industry. But when the plant closed in 1971, this former manufacturing hub eventually was sapped of the economic energy that once galvanized it.

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Photo of speakers at the Re:Build Manufacturing announcement
Shapiro, Re:Build Manufacturing Announce $81 Million Investment in Westmoreland County

New Kensington – In a Monday morning news conference, Gov. Josh Shapiro joined leadership from Re:Build Manufacturing (Re:Build), the Regional Industrial Development Corporation (RIDC), and Pennsylvania leaders to announce an $81 million investment to create an innovation-focused manufacturing operation in the New Kensington Advanced Manufacturing Park that will create 300 jobs in Westmoreland County.

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Photo of the New Kensington Mayor
’We’re back’: Plans to Open New Manufacturing Facility in New Kensington Underway

New Kensington – For years, the New Kensington factory that was once the original home of Alcoa has sat empty. Like many manufacturing companies in our area, as the factories closed, the jobs went away, and the town changed. Now, New Kensington mayor Tom Guzzo says it’s time for a comeback.

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