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Teaming up with Quality Suppliers

At Re:Build Manufacturing, we stand as a beacon of innovation and excellence across a multitude of sectors, including Aerospace & Defense, Cleantech, Health, Industrial Equipment, Lifestyle, and Mobility. Our diverse portfolio and commitment to quality have established us as a trailblazer in the manufacturing landscape. As we continue to forge ahead, we are actively seeking to collaborate with suppliers who share our dedication to safety, ethics, and the creation of mutually beneficial partnerships.

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Engineers working on a piece of automated equipment at Re:Build Optimation.

The Re:Build Way

The Re:Build Way is a list of 16 principles that sums up our values and describes what makes us different from other manufacturers in the markets we serve. As a supplier to Re:Build, you are an extension of us, and it is imperative we partner with the right organizations that share these traits. You can review our guiding principles here, but safety, pride, diversity, sustainability, listening, mutual, accountable, and community are common themes.  

Does your business want to work with Re:Build and share these ideals?  If so we encourage you to complete the below questionnaire which will provide us with your company information, a brief summary of your capabilities, any relevant certifications if applicable, and examples of how you can help us foster our guiding principles.

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