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Battery Solutions

Making US-Based Battery Manufacturing a High-Quality and Cost-Effective Reality

Re:Build Manufacturing uses its battery engineering and manufacturing expertise to solve customers’ battery challenges. We offer a range of engineering capabilities across the battery value chain, including design and build of battery modules, battery packs, and the equipment and factories required to produce them.

Our expertise in digital manufacturing and data analysis allows us to maximize quality and yield through real-time process control. Competitive, high-quality, and cost-effective product innovation, component production, systems production, and industrial automation are now a reality in the United States.

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Electric Mobility

From two- to four-wheels and from agile start-ups to established OEMs, Re:Build provides the design, engineering, and manufacturing services required for electric powertrains.

Stationary Storage

Re:Build has expertise in manufacturing stationary energy-storage systems. Our battery and fuel-cell storage capabilities enable us to conceive, design, and deliver battery energy storage systems and associated test equipment. We scale our customers’ production from pilot to go-to-market and ensure a highly efficient supply chain.


Re:Build helps customers electrify their equipment and upholds the highest safety, life cycle, and performance standards while doing so.


Our expertise in materials processing, electrification, smart systems, and advanced manufacturing is integral to producing leading-edge electric aviation technology. 

Select Key Capabilities

Re:Build has expertise in battery systems design, battery pack product engineering, battery manufacturing process automation, materials handling, modeling and simulation, and battery management system (BMS) development.

Battery Pack Design Engineering & Manufacturing

Completing battery pack development on time and within budget is critical for our customers. Re:Build’s in-house design, simulation, engineering, prototyping, testing, and production delivers a turnkey battery pack. Our battery pack assembly line offers full pilot production and features precise, cell-testing equipment used to assess and validate cell quality. It also includes  fully automated wire bonding, ultrasonic/laser welding, rapid prototyping capabilities, and automated battery pack testing and validation as well as complete, digital data collection.

BMS Hardware & Software

Re:Build can develop custom BMS hardware and software, or it can gather, select, and integrate off-the-shelf BMS and control solutions. We design lithium-ion and flow batteries and fuel cells with a range of 1 to 600+ cells. Our capabilities include embedded hardware and software development, cell and pack testing and modeling, BMS algorithm development, agency approvals, telemetry systems and data analysis, custom power converter design, and custom system controller design.

Battery Factory Design, Build, & Automation

Re:Build has a unique capability to automate and integrate discrete, diverse manufacturing processes that improve output and reliability. This includes factory concept layout and modeling, definition of requirements, functional specifications, system prototyping, implementation, testing, documentation, and training.

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Reimagining Battery Manufacturing in America

Re:Build develops and manufactures technologically advanced products from concept through production at scale here in the United States using a Brain to Box™ process.

Specialized engineering firms often lack a manufacturing footprint, supply chain capabilities, or commercialization experience. ODMs and traditional CMs lack the front-end ability to translate market data into meaningful product concepts. Further, without scale or long-term manufacturing commitments, they are unwilling to dedicate the vital engineering capabilities (hardware, software, and process) necessary to solve challenging problems and develop technologies. Re:Build has overcome those obstacles by integrating compatible organizations, helping them thrive, and enabling customers to take their idea from inception to commercial production efficiently and effectively. 

Re:Build’s Brain to Box approach has six phases. Customers either participate in all six or a plan is tailored to meet their needs.

1. Planning & Alignment

Projects are launched after consensus on objectives, strategies, and a detailed road map for the commercialization of battery products, services, and technologies.

2. Discovery & Concept

Ideas and insights are promptly translated into a product concept. Detailed development requirements mitigate risk in engineering and prototyping.

3. Design & Development

Re:Build’s iterative process in engineering and design for manufacturing is fundamental to our lean methodology. Products are cost-effective and perform as intended.

4. Process Verification & Validation

The appropriate materials, process, and manufacturing operations are developed so you can focus on your customers and scale. Customers are confident the right battery product is built correctly. 

5. Product Verification & Validation

High-quality final battery products meet the necessary requirements for safety, reliability, and ease of use.

6. Manufacturing & Support

After a new battery product is brought to life, smooth delivery is facilitated by skillful supply chain management, assembly, warehousing, and distribution capabilities.

Highlighted Projects

Collaboration among our companies and with our customers is key to our success in rekindling American manufacturing. Re:Build Manufacturing is comprised of highly specialized, intensely collaborative companies that have the capability to take a product from concept to completion, without compromising quality, affordability, or ethics. This strategy enables us to become an extension of your team, which enhances the overall collaborative experience.

Here are some of the ways we’ve collaborated with our customers to help them achieve success:

  • LiB System and BMS Integration
  • Flow Battery Health Monitoring
  • Battery Manufacturing Line Project
  • Battery Factory Buildout Project
  • Battery Line Automation
  • Scalable Lithium Battery Production & Assembly System
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Energy storage containers sitting inside a warehousing space
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