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Advancing Healthcare Technology


Improve the Quality of Healthcare

Re:Build’s expertise in R&D, laboratory systems and automation, and diagnostic technologies drives new product creation and manufacturing solutions that have a positive impact on the healthcare industry. We build trust by emphasizing the importance of a reliable U.S. supply chain for quality control of healthcare products and services. 

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Segments We Serve

Medical Devices

Re:Build provides design, engineering, prototyping, and production services from early technology development through scale-up in our ISO 13485 quality-management system for medical device design.

Life Sciences

Re:Build has more than 30 years of experience providing systems integration, controls, and instrumentation services, enabling us to provide our clients in the life sciences industry with the tools they need for their research and development.


Re:Build provides a range of engineering and automation services that satisfy the requirements of advanced pharmaceutical and biotechnology product development and manufacturing.

Laboratory & Diagnostics

Re:Build designs, develops, and manufactures high-quality diagnostic, laboratory, and bioprocessing equipment, including precision and specialized consumables.

Point of Care

Re:Build’s expertise in design and engineering allows us to create innovative products and service solutions with a human-centered, business-minded approach for use across the entire point-of-care continuum.

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Two engineers working in a laboratory and using raw materials
Engineers working on materials in a laboratory setting

We Research. We Design. We Engineer. We Manufacture.

Re:Build’s highly skilled design, engineering, and manufacturing team produces novel products and service offerings for our healthcare industry customers. We also develop state-of-the-art robotics and automation systems for pharmaceutical and life sciences applications.

- ISO 13485: 2016 Certified - FDA Registered - FDA 21 CFR 820 Quality System Regulations - IEC 60601-1 & 61010 Electrical Standards - Regular Audits with UL and SGS

Certifications and accreditations are site-specific.

Medical Device Research, Development, & Manufacturing

Re:Build offers medical devise customers its unique Brain-to-Box™ research and development service. . We take complex medical device concepts and apply engineering principles to create a practical solution.

Microfluidics Expertise

Our microfluidics expertise informs our development of products used in analysis, diagnostics, and cell manipulation and patterning.

Wearable Health Development

Combining expertise in sensors, signal analysis, and user feedback, we engineer the best solutions to track and analyze cardiac, respiratory, sleep, and digestive health.

Robotics & Automation

Re:Build integrates digital solutions with robotics and automation to optimize the manufacture of device and life sciences and pharmaceutical products.

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Advanced Development Processes Move Health Innovations from Brain to Box™

Advanced Facilities

Designed, Built, & Tested in America

Re:Build is dedicated to manufacturing in the United States. By working here, we provide our customers with intellectual property security, improved supply chain stability, high-quality processes and products, decreased transit times, less waste and environmental impact, fair working conditions, and adherence to safety standards.

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Partnering for Success

Collaboration among our companies and with our customers is key to our success in rekindling American manufacturing. Re:Build Manufacturing is comprised of highly-specialized, intensely collaborative companies that have the capability to take a product from concept to completion, without compromising quality, affordability, or ethics. This strategy enables us to become an extension of your team, which enhances the overall collaborative experience.

Here are some of the ways we’ve collaborated with our customers to help them achieve success:

- Developed human-centric, innovative hospital equipment

- Designed and manufactured the first complete blood count device for point of care

- Provided end-to-end logistics and scale-up for rapid antigen testing

- Designed and manufactured custom wheeled products for use in various care settings

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