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Revolutionize Manufacturing

Re:Build specializes in machine design and build, process development, automation, systems integration, and complete factory scale-up for a wide range of industries in the United States. We work with clients to develop and implement practical, efficient manufacturing systems that satisfy their unique requirements.

Man working on an automated piece of equipment

Segments We Serve

Automation & Robotics

Re:Build combines off-the-shelf and custom-built equipment to help our customers optimize throughput at the lowest possible cost. We have significant experience serving a range of industries, including materials handling, pharmaceutical, energy, transportation, life sciences, and consumer goods. 


Product quality and lower-cost manufacturing are achieved with intricate process knowledge gained through instrumentation, data collection, and analysis. Re:Build identifies the key process parameters, then selects and applies the correct measurements and proper analysis tools to optimize systems for the best outcomes.

Factory & Systems Design & Integration

Re:Build has a unique capability to automate and integrate discrete, diverse manufacturing processes that improve output and reliability. This includes factory concept layout and modeling, defining requirements, functional specifications, system prototyping, implementation, testing, documentation, and training. 

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Engineers working with chemicals and materials
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We Research. We Design. We Engineer. We Manufacture.

Re:Build has extensive knowledge and experience in creating optimized, practical, and highly reliable manufacturing systems.  Our capabilities range from comprehensive factory concept modeling, development, and deployment to discrete machinery builds.

Automation & Controls Engineering & Design

Re:Build provides complete systems controls engineering, and design, delivering on multiple platforms—including PLC, DCS, RTU, SCADA, and PAC and embedded systems. 

Chemical Engineering

Our chemical and process engineers are experienced in continuous- and batch-process design and safety (including 29CFR 1910.119 and NFPA), development and scale-up, manufacturing, and installation/start-up.

Electrical Systems Engineering & Fabrication

Re:Build is an industry leader in electrical systems design, engineering, and fabrication. We support our customers’ performance-critical, high-tolerance applications, including precision optics, medical and pharmaceutical manufacturing, and advanced materials production.

Machine Design & Build

Machine design and build is a core competency at Re:Build. We know how to develop and fabricate highly-reliable systems and production machinery utilized for the most demanding applications imaginable. Our machine-design-and-build experts and facilities are located across the U.S.

Mechanical Engineering & Design

Re:Build has process, mechanical, machine-design engineers with broad experience in the food processing, pharmaceutical, chemical, automotive, and aerospace industries.

Process Engineering & Development

Re:Build works with companies in their start-up and  early growth phase to help them scale new IP, from a lab to pilot line to full-scale production. Conversely, we also partner with large traditional manufacturing companies to improve their processes, reduce cost, and increase output. Our teams of designers and process, mechanical, and software engineers work together to solve our customers’ unique challenges.

Production workers and engineers standing on the manufacturing floor of the Tekna facility

Building Scalable Manufacturing Solutions with Cutting-Edge Technology

Advanced Facilities

Designed, Built, & Tested in America

Re:Build is dedicated to manufacturing in the United States. By working here, we provide our customers with intellectual property security, improved supply chain stability, high-quality processes and products, decreased transit times, less waste and environmental impact, fair working conditions, and adherence to safety standards.

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Oribi automation arm used for manufacturing advanced materials
Engineer working on a product with an automated piece of equipment
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Partnering for Success

Collaboration among our companies and with our customers is key to our success in rekindling American manufacturing. Re:Build Manufacturing is comprised of highly-specialized, intensely collaborative companies that have the capability to take a product from concept to completion, without compromising quality, affordability, or ethics. This strategy enables us to become an extension of your team, which enhances the overall collaborative experience.

Here are some of the ways we’ve collaborated with our customers to help them achieve success:

  • Developed and produced a turnkey coating skid
  • Developed biotech systems integration and automation for a Covid-19 testing lab
  • Created the software and UI design for bill of materials validation software
  • Designed and built a 3D Printer for a major OEM
  • Created the design and integration of an automated metal extrusion punch press
  • Developed custom automation for singulation and materials handling of porous fuel cell layers
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