Solar CZ Crystal Growth Furnace

Welcome to a New Era in Solar CZ Crystal Growth Equipment

Experience advanced PV ingot crystal growth with our state-of-the art machine. With a 36-inch diameter crucible, it enables the precise and efficient production of 300mm diameter ingots, ensuring reliability through meticulous engineering.

Solar CZ Puller


Solar CZ Furnace Features Graphic

Key Benefits

Designed for Safety

Our U.S.-designed system adheres to the highest safety and performance standards. Meeting or exceeding stringent U.S. safety benchmarks, it guarantees a secure environment for crystal growth. Built-in safety features and real-time risk assessment ensure both personnel and equipment are safeguarded, boosting confidence in crystal growth operations.

Made in the USA

Every aspect of our system’s development—from its inception, design, and fabrication to its final assembly— takes place domestically. The RBM600 is a prime example of Re:Build’s mission to reinvigorate American manufacturing.

Advanced Process Monitoring

This system offers industry-leading, integrated advanced process monitoring and data insights capabilities that maximize output and minimize downtime. The real-time insights into the crystal growth process enable operators to push the boundaries of solar crystal growth efficiency with optimized performance, enhanced yields, and informed decisions.

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