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Component Production

High Performance Components and Structures

The Right Material for Any Application

Our materials and process capabilities enable us to develop optimized, advanced composite components that give our customers a competitive advantage. We combine proprietary automation and digital tools with traditional composite manufacturing methods to provide design and engineering, rapid prototyping, and high-rate-serial production for complex critical components.

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The Shape of Things to Come

Re:Build Manufacturing combines proven, composite manufacturing processes, unique design capabilities, automation, and digital tools to deliver on our promise of making lightweight materials available to all industries.

Structural Design, Engineering, & Testing

Re:Build supports customers from conceptual design through prototyping and production. We offer in-depth of knowledge of composite structural design, engineering, analysis, and testing, and have unparalleled expertise of the production of composite materials.

Tooling Design & Production

Re:Build Manufacturing’s extensive knowledge in tooling design, optimization, and production, along with our utilization of state-of-the-art materials and processes enables us to provide customers with the best tooling solution at the lowest total cost.

High-Volume Processes

Our automated production methods allow us to achieve cost- and production-rate targets. We regularly utilize proprietary, purpose-built automation and robotics that facilitate unique performance and cost objectives. With Re:Build Manufacturing, composite production in the U.S. is a reality.  

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Strength in Process Diversity

Whether steel, aluminum, titanium, or Inconel is specified, customers benefit from the diversity of our material processing capabilities, such as ,press braking, hot-forming titanium, hydroforming, laser cutting, and more. With Re:Build Manufacturing, customers receive total supply chain support – including outside processing, material treatment, and nondestructive inspection – to satisfy program requirements.

CNC Machining, Milling, & Turning

Re:Build Manufacturing is a leading provider of machined components for the missile, space, and aircraft industries. Our five-axis machining centers utilize extensive automation, which allows us to be extremely efficient while maintaining critical tolerances. Additionally, we have a wide range of three- and four-axis machining centers and mill/turn lathes. 

Hydroforming & Hot Forming

Re:Build’s seasoned team of engineers and operators is ready to handle your most challenging forming needs. We develop the flat blank, design and manufacture the tool, conduct the forming, and provide all secondary operations in-house.  Bring us any type of CAD data or sample part, and we’ll get to work immediately. 


Re:Build has full kitting capabilities to support field repair and maintenance requirements in many industries. We are well-known for our certified Black Hawk helicopter phase maintenance kits, which are used by repair depots globally to minimize downtime and cost.

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Immediate. Flexible. Impactful.

Our engineering teams engage immediately to solve customers’ complex problems. We construct prototypes early in the process and as often as necessary, learning quickly and pivoting to pursue the best solution. A wide variety of design, analysis, engineering, testing, and prototyping services are tapped to bring an idea to life. 

Material Science & Application

We are material experts and uniquely capable of supporting customers, regardless of the material being utilized, whether  thermoplastics, epoxies, cores, adhesives, metallics, or reinforcements. Our team knows how to design and build high-performance structural components and can advise on the  proper material for the application.

Prototyping Short Runs & Small-Batch

We understand our clients need short-run and small-batch production to gain insight into performance prior to full-scale production. We utilize processes such as, 3D printing, machining, hand layup, and low-cost tooling to facilitate rapid prototyping. 

Supply Chain

Re:Build has a dedicated supply chain management team at each site capable of ensuring stability for long-term programs, whatever the size, and adherence to the program schedule.

Responsive & Scalable

Ready to turn up the volume? We can scale to meet your program requirements, allowing you to grow with demand throughout the entire product lifecycle. 

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Thermoplastic Composites Without Barriers

Advanced thermoplastic composites are the latest generation of sustainable, structural materials for nearly every industry. Re:Build’s proprietary, high-speed automation processes are fostering widespread, cost-effective adoption of these materials. To learn how we can provide you with the appropriate thermoplastic composite solution, please use our free online quoting tool. Part price estimates are provided in less than ten minutes.

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Striving for Perfection

Re:Build aims to always provide the highest-quality manufacturing processes and finished products. When it comes to manufacturing flight-critical structures, medical devices, rescue equipment, and life-saving body armor, quality is of paramount importance. As part of our Re:Build Operating System (RBOS), we maintain a steady focus during each step of the process, from design through production and sustainment. Our quality systems are built to meet the most exacting industry standards for the markets we serve. We continuously refine our operations with Lean and Continuous Improvement processes to deliver the consistent quality and value our customers expect and deserve.

- ISO 9001:2015 certified - AS9100D certified - IS9001 certified - ITAR compliant - Class 8 clean room - FAA certification

Certifications and accreditations are site-specific.

Exceptional Quality Standards

We work closely with customers to identify their unique quality requirements and incorporate those into our processes.

Continuous Improvement

Continuous improvement is a guiding principle of Re:Build Manufacturing. We constantly strive to identify waste, improve quality, and reduce cost.

Certification for Various Industries

Re:Build Manufacturing holds a wide variety of certifications to meet and exceed the highly-regulated standards of the industries we serve. 

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Project Highlight

ANTIUM™ Thermoplastic Composite Wheels

Carbon fiber thermoset materials are used to manufacture wheels for the motorsport and high-end automotive markets because of their unique ability to reduce a vehicle’s unsprung mass and improve its handling characteristics. These materials, while light and stiff, fail dramatically under impact owing to the brittle nature of thermoset resins and, therefore, have never been specified for the off-road and ATV markets. Re:Build Manufacturing has solved this problem and helped grow those markets by means of our proprietary ANTIUM material technology. ANTIUM combines continuous fiber-reinforced thermoplastic materials with a unique, high-pressure stamp forming process to create highly structural, damage-tolerant composite components. ANTIUM technology has proved ideally suited to the off-road wheel applications by successfully achieving what thermoset materials cannot.  ANTIUM wheels are available through our partner, Packard Performance.

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