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Product Innovation

From Innovation to Realization

Ideate, Design, Launch

Re:Build turns innovative ideas into realized opportunities. Our research, design, engineering, and branding strategies and tactics are developed with the intention to commercialize new products. We solve previously unsolvable problems, embracing our "fail fast" mentality and moving quickly forward with a robust plan for each prototype, design, and test. This process produces products, brands, and consumer experiences with meaningful impact and greater value.

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rbm services innovation engineering
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Making Innovative Ideas Work

At Re:Build, we use a multidisciplinary approach to engineer practical products that make a difference  to a customer’s end users. Once we have a comprehensive understanding of the user’s needs and experience, we design, engineer, and manufacture the optimal technology solution.

Technology Development

Re:Build’s unique skillset enables us to unite industrial design, engineering, and production practices to achieve solutions that are feasible, performance-driven, and cost-effective and differentiate our customer’s business.

Design for Manufacturing

By implementing best practices in DFA, DFM, and DFX, Re:Build ensures that the products we create are user-centric and manufactured efficiently. This design model improves product reliability, shortens time-to-market, and lowers overall product costs.

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Product Design & Development for the Real World

Design for the Long View

When shaping a design, improving a process, or anything in between, Re:Build conducts research, strategic planning, and technical development with the customer’s unique, long-term requirements in mind. 

Industrial Design

For more than 30 years, our teams have created products and experiences that differentiate businesses. We help our customers bridge the gap between business objectives and the desired user experience, turning marketable ideas into engineered solutions.

Concept Development

Our product design process starts with divergent thinking that generates multiple creative ideas and possibilities for product architecture. Expertise in research, strategy, and technical development is applied to organize and structure the concepts, leading to the best solution— one that is desirable, feasible, and viable.

New Product Introduction

Re:Build uses clearly defined processes to turn a concept into a prototype, create the final design, and, finally, manufacture the product. Our expertise in user research and product testing is employed throughout the process and ensures that the final product meets requirements and exceeds expectations.

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Integrating Solutions for Seamless Communication

Re:Build’s software development expertise encompasses web technologies, databases, APIs, desktop and mobile apps, and tools/utilities.

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Embedded Software

From architecture to coding, debugging to deployment, we create an end-to-end design. Our multidisciplinary team can develop software based on your existing custom-embedded hardware or off-the-shelf hardware.


Our expertise in UX/UI ensures that digital experiences align with human needs. We consider the look, feel, and usability of a product from the user’s perspective. The assumptions made during the concept phase are continually tested throughout the development process.


Re:Build specializes in the Internet of Things, whether it’s engineering and technology development, sensors connected to a database, local processing, or edge computing.

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Uncover Your Project’s Potential

Research and strategy help us understand people’s interactions with a product or process and the systems that influence their experiences, enabling us to discover patterns and ideas that lead to innovative product or service offerings.

Trend Analysis & Technology Derisking

Re:Build helps customers define the space in which to launch novel products by identifying high-level trends and derisked manufacturing opportunities in their markets.

Define the Customer’s Problem

People are at the center of everything you create. Utilizing field conversations, focus groups, targeted interviews, and video recording, Re:Build helps customers define the problem they need to solve, gain a clear understanding of their user’s profile, and make better decisions.

Portfolio Planning

Re:Build applies our research and strategy techniques to manage entire product portfolios. We evaluate product performance, identify risks and opportunities, prioritize high-value products, optimize resource allocation, and balance the product mix to achieve strategic goals. 

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Leverage Unique Brand Attributes

Re:Build’s highly-imaginative, creative team operates as  a powerful, unified manufacturing and design entity and taps into a wellspring of perspectives to build strong, cohesive brands. Our extraordinary depth of expertise, which embraces a rigorous multidisciplinary approach, enables us to create a total product experience that vividly conveys a brand’s unique message and helps build loyalty. 

Brand Development

Re:Build supports our customers’ brand development with a thorough understanding of their vision, precise knowledge of their market position, and a strategic introduction of their brand to the marketplace. 

Brand Identity

Re:Build supports the research, design, and execution of all the elements of our customers’ brand to create a cohesive brand personality that resonates with their target market.

Concept Visualization

Re:Build  develops creative assets—including custom graphics, animations, illustrations, or other forms of visualization—that empower our customers to tell a compelling story.  

DigiMate Packaging
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Coreworks Booth
Project Highlight

OLO Sight Diagnostics

OLO is a complete blood count (CBC) analyzer that enables healthcare professionals to conduct on-site testing and promptly make a diagnosis and devise a treatment. It provides 5-part differential results with 19 parameters and sophisticated flagging capabilities. It is the first CBC analyzer with 510(k)-clearance from the FDA for blood taken directly from either a finger prick or a venous sample.

  • Diagnostic instrument design
  • Sample preparation
  • Consumable design

OLO Sight Diagnostics Project
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Bissell Bark Bath
Sharpie Pens photograph
Nara Bassinet photograph
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