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Systems Production

Manufacturing Locally, Scaling Globally

Growth Starts with Us

Our goal is to continuously elevate the competitiveness of manufacturing in the United States by delivering production systems that provide the most efficient and advanced processes in service of your vision.  Re:Build supplies design and manufacturing engineering services, process technology development, and manufactured products, all with the purpose of profitably meeting your goals and fueling your expansion.

Re:Build’s expertise in manufacturing systems production informs our product design and enables us to continually refine the design and manufacturing process. Streamlined production results in the manufacture of well-designed, functional, and cost-effective goods. 

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Creating Systems for the Manufacture of Any Product

Re:Build’s diverse team of engineers, supply chain experts, and machine designers collaborates to provide our customers with elegant and cost-effective integrated systems. We offer design and applications engineering services, including the development of custom processing equipment, components, and subassemblies. Our optimized solution prioritizes quality and incorporates speed-to-market, and cost-control considerations.

Our high-level development process includes requirements definition, functional specifications, system architecture design and prototyping, risk analysis and management, implementation, testing, documentation, training, and program management to tie together subsystems into a well-synchronized structure. Re:Build’s expert supply chain management and global reach enable us to source the best components, satisfy stringent system requirements, and deliver robust solutions. We adeptly navigate the most complex and challenging issues and deliver elegant and cost-effective integrated systems.

New & Existing Hardware & Software

Re:Build can build custom software solutions, deploy customized digital tools, and design and integrate embedded hardware.  

Multidisciplinary Program Management

Re:Build’s engineers perform as an extension of your team, helping you integrate complex subsystems into a finished product, ensuring consistency in the build and upholding quality. Re:Build’s engineering services include industrial design, design for manufacturing, and custom automation. We also provide manufacturing support for process development, component fabrication, advanced materials, and electromechanical assembly. We can manage your program operationally within our own facility, transition production to you, manage the supply chain, and coordinate for packaging and logistics.  

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A Revolutionary Manufacturing Model

Procurement Simplified

Re:Build’s supply chain partners across the U.S. are vetted for quality, speed, and accuracy. We only work with partners who meet or exceed our standards.

Advanced Sourcing & Procurement

Re:Build’s production process includes size-appropriate sourcing. Our disciplined procurement process complies with FDA and ISO standards, ensuring the long-term quality of your product. 

Diverse Materials & Processes

Re:Build has expertise in a wide range of materials and their capabilities. We leverage this knowledge and experience to  further product design advancements, including identifying opportunities for improved manufacturability, cost, and market viability.

Approved-Supplier Management

The Re:Build team and our extended team of suppliers and service providers  are committed to  ensuring your goals are met. We expertly manage the procurement of a variety of processes, including injection molding, thermoforming, extrusion, machining, forming and material finishing, and multiple casting methods. Specifications and industry requirements are satisfied and preferred delivery methods are implemented. Your project is streamlined from start to finish.

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Designed for Production

From concept to completion, our intensely collaborative, diverse Re:Build team and support networks are committed to delivering optimized processes and breakthrough technologies for your product.  We utilize the most efficient and advanced methods and materials available to design a customized manufacturing solution that will enhance your competitiveness.

Line Planning & Development

Re:Build works closely with you to understand your quality and production goals. We develop a functional specification and conceptual design based on our assessment and your feedback. 

Process Verification, Validation, & Continuous Improvement

To ensure all parts of the production process are sound, durable, and of high quality, Re:Build plans for verification and validation and conducts formal testing in-house. Once production is underway, we continually revisit the process and apply incremental—sometimes significant— improvements to sustain your product’s differentiation from the broader market.

Quick-Turnaround Analysis of Manufacturability

We manage procurement and production of various processes including injection molding, thermoforming, extrusion, multiple casting methods, machining, forming, and material finishing.  Re:Build leverages our internal expertise and deep supplier list to rapidly secure estimates that enable us to assess cost and manufacturability accurately.

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Sophisticated Solutions, Better Results

The combined experiences of the Re:Build family of engineering and manufacturing businesses allow us to offer solutions to processes, production, or product development that extend beyond typical contract manufacturing. We support the realization of your vision with unique program offerings that include system integration, transitions to production, component manufacture, custom-automated equipment, final assembly, and distribution. 

Precision Assembly & Kitting

Re:Build can provide the precision assembly of components, subassemblies, or finished devices and kitting and ship to you or your customers. 

Lot Traceability

We maintain lot and serial-control traceability, enabling a timely and targeted response in the event of any issues arising with inbound and outbound freight, warehousing, and outside processing.

Direct-Ship or Third-Party Logistics

Re:Build will help you assess shipping options. Together, we’ll explore distribution solutions and generate a plan that considers the entire logistics landscape to ensure your product arrives intact and on time.

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Designing Quality & Process for the Long Term

Re:Build’s robust Quality Management System (QMS) guides our design, development, and production activities, allowing us to meet you where you are in your product journey and immediately add value to your project. In addition, we deploy comprehensive quality processes and rigorous training at each site to ensure repeatable and standardized control on all our product offerings.

- ISO 13485:2016 Certified - FDA Registered - FDA 21 CFR 820 Quality System Regulations - Regulatory Planning and Assessment - IEC 606061-1 and 61010 Electrical Standards - Regular Audits with UL and SGS

Certifications and accreditations are site-specific.

Verification, Validation, & Product Development Testing

Re:Build has vast experience in interface and integration testing, first-article inspection delivery, factory-acceptance testing, site-acceptance testing, low-rate production qualification, and other validation and verification activities. Our team of experts is uniquely capable of ensuring the system, process, and/or product meet your expectations.


Many industries are faced with nuanced regulatory requirements that require specific factory certifications. Our industry experience in the medical, aerospace, automotive, oil and gas, and energy fields qualify us as a highly-capable partner who can navigate the certification requirements of your project.

Regular Audits

Our goal is to provide consistent, properly regulated quality, and we rely on third parties to ensure we meet or exceed the most rigorous standards. We invite UL and SGS to conduct audits regularly.

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Project Highlight

Nara Bassinet

    Nara was a novel idea for an innovative hospital bassinet that Re:Build developed from concept to finished product. The elegant design allows mothers to be close to their newborns and provides caregivers with a safe, highly functional, ergonomic healthcare solution.

    • Reimagined the bassinet for labor and delivery; previous devices were designed decades ago and performed as glorified storage cabinets on wheels
    • Introduced a premium clinical-care product that elevated the product’s design, materials, and production process to the same level as those made for adult patients
    • An elegant example of form following function, the Nara design was born of the necessity for a product that is safe and secure and enhances bonding with the parent. An innovative basket locks to the bassinet, height adjusts easily  for access from the mother’s bedside or by a standing clinician, and it is quiet and mobile.

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